About Us

About Us.

Hello there.

My name is Reamus. A proud member of the Gitxsan Nation, Kispiox Band. I reside in Victoria BC, Canada. I am the primary care giver of my two youngest. I work full time at my day job which limits my time to develop the online stores. I am also the soul operator/creator of the Ya-Native Network. The Ya-Native Network has no direct relation to Native American Merchandise, besides that I operate both of them.  

The Ya-Native Network was developed in 2009. It's intention is to preserve and share of North American Cultures with the World. Currently the Network is the largest Social Media Network that is dedicated to Native America. I would like to transform this network into a Standalone Social Network where anyone can educate themselves and share our Native teachings with the World. In order for this to all work a source of funding in necessary for the development of the platform. This is where Native American Merchandise was added.

All proceeds will go directly into the development of a standalone Social Media Network  dedicated to Native American. It will become the most important website which will attract ever Native American. In return the Network will provide the richest source Authenticated Native American products and information, all approved by our own Nation's Elders. 

Thanks for your continuing support!


Reamus Wilson